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Hayley Mills reprises her role a third time as twins Susan Evers and Sharon Grand. Leanna, Monica, and Joy Creel portray Lisa, Jessie, and Megan Wyatt. Jeffrey Wyatt is the widowed father of identical teen triplet daughters, Lisa, Jessie, and Megan. Cassie wants to redesign their California beach house with the help of house designer Susan Evers.

Jeffrey initially doesn’t like Susan’s ideas, but comes around to allowing them due to Cassie. Lisa, who is dating David, has invited a boy she met in Paris, Hawk, a “bad boy” to eat at their house. She doesn’t know how to break it to him that she finds Hawk more “unpredictable”. The next morning, Lisa runs away with Hawk on his motorcycle only to break down at a diner. Jessie and Megan, using David’s car, find her.

Jeffrey, Susan, and David also do so. Hawk and David begin a fight in the diner, causing the police to be called, and Hawk breaks up with Lisa. David begins to like Jessie better than Lisa. Cassie becomes angry that Susan went with Jeffrey to the diner. The girls begin to befriend and like Susan. On the wedding day, Sharon and the girls lock Jeffrey and Susan in the garage shed, resulting in Jeffrey missing the wedding.

Cassie, devastated, hooks up with Nick and drives away. David and Jessie become a couple. Sharon and the girls take down the shed’s wall revealing Jeffrey and Susan about to kiss. They have realized their love for each other after playing the piano and singing to the music box she bought and then gave to him. Hayley Mills returned in 1986 to the Disney Channel when she filmed The Parent Trap II.