Top 10 free online dating sites australia

Ready to find love or companionship online? Review the best online dating sites in Australia to help singles find the perfect match. Our comparison top 10 free online dating sites australia is made up of our own views and opinions. The scoring is determined at our own discretion and should not be used for accuracy purposes.

We are able to provide this service for free thanks to the referral fees we receive from a number of service providers. Ideal for intellectual singles, with over 1. Relies on behavioral matching to provide a personalized experience. Quality matchmaking services for mature singles ages 50 and over.

Makes it easy to find a compatible match. An active and successful platform for uni educated singles. A feature-rich platform for love or casual meetups. After uni, I moved back home worried that I’d have trouble finding someone in town. Turns out he’d been in a similar situation and after a few dates we knew it was something special.